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    29 Awesome Ways To Tell Everyone You're Preggers

    These are surefire ways to get you SO many Facebook likes.

    1. With your other kid:

    2. With a barfing pic:

    3. With tiny shoes:

    4. With tiny shoes and a Facebook cover photo:

    5. With an infographic:

    You can buy these customized infographics on Etsy.

    6. With a gender announcement:

    7. With this t-shirt:

    8. With a pun:

    You can buy and personalize these cards via Etsy.

    9. With pasta sauce:

    10. With Juno

    11. With food:

    12. With some pregnancy mags:

    13. With your dog:

    14. By alluding to birth control pills:

    15. With an egg:

    You can buy these on Etsy here.

    16. With a cake:

    17. With your bellies:

    18. With a Someecard:

    19. With a library due date card:

    20. With an Us Weekly cover:

    21. With a tiny bird:

    Buy this announcement on Etsy.

    22. With a road sign:

    23. With a cootie catcher:

    24. With a fake movie poster:

    25. With elaborate cookies:

    26. With a chalkboard:

    27. With a place setting:

    Get the directions here.

    28. With a fortune cookie:

    29. On TV:

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