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28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

Anyone who claims they love to clean is probably lying. We could all use a few shortcuts when it comes to maintaining a tidy household.

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5. Make a conscious effort to put something away every time you get up to go to a different part of your home.

On your way to the kitchen to reheat some leftover pizza? Grab that pair of scissors that actually belongs in the junk drawer that you never bothered to put back.


9. Avoid dusting by walking around your house in "Swiffer Socks."

AKA those weird chenille socks that you always seem to get like three pairs of every Christmas. You just dusted a narrow pathway in your apartment just by schlepping to the kitchen to make nachos.

11. Cleaning your microwave is (almost) as simple as turning it on.

Pour 2 cups of water and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Pop it in for about 3 minutes on full power. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and wipe clean.


19. Use a removable oven liner.

Are you at that point where the smoke alarm goes off anytime you cook anything? It's probably because you have a bunch of nasty burnt gunk in your oven. An oven liner will make your oven much easier to clean.


21. Cook the syrup INTO your pancakes.

No more washing sticky syrup mess from your plates.

Make pancake batter as usual. Pour onto pan. Before flipping, add a small spiral of syrup. Flip, let finish cooking, and serve!

23. You can even put your disgusting, Cheeto-dust-crusted keyboard in the dishwasher.

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