28 Creative Napkin-Folding Techniques

If you frequently host dinner parties, you should have a couple cool napkin folds in your arsenal. Impress everyone before they’ve taken a single bite of food.

2. The Elf Hat Napkin Fold

View this embed ›

Watch the tutorial for this cute Christmas napkin fold.

3. The Bowtie Napkin Fold

So cute for a picnic or a daytime wedding. Get the full directions here.

Here’s the bowtie napkin in a more dressy fabric.

4. The Standing Fan

Get the full directions here

6. The Pinwheel Napkin

Get the full directions here.

7. The Envelope Fold

Get the full tutorial here.

8. The Heart Napkin Fold

Watch the video tutorial.

9. The Single Pocket Fold

10. The Christmas Tree Fold

Get the full directions here.

11. The Elf Shoe Napkin

Download the PDF version of this tutorial here.

12. The Christmas Tree Napkin

Get the directions here.

13. The Alternative Single Pocket Fold Method

Get the tutorial here.

14. The Rose Fold

15. The T-Shirt Fold

17. The Classic Pyramid Fold

18. Rose Napkins

Perfect for the holidays or a romantic wedding table setting. Get the tutorial here.

19. The Napkin Pouch

Fill with eggs for Easter, flowers for a wedding, poinsettia leaves for the holidays, or breadsticks for any occasion. Get the directions here.

21. Sushi Napkins

These instructions work for paper napkins as well.

22. The Fleur-de-Lis Napkin

Get the full instructions here.

23. The Scarf Fold

This is as easy as it gets. Go here for the full tutorial.

24. The Pendant Fold

Get the full instructions here.

25. The Double Diamond

Get the full directions at Serious Eats. They also have a couple other supremely easy napkin folds.

26. The Tulip Napkin

Get the instructions here.

Here’s the video tutorial.

28. The Tie Fold

Save this one for Father’s Day! Get the full directions here

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