26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2015

    It's a new year, and you're an adult. Your life may be a mess, but your closet will at least be neat and tidy.

    1. Label EVERYTHING.

    2. Finally get that tangle of cables in order.

    3. Now that Christmas is over, it's time to put away those cookie cutters.

    4. Stop leaving your shoes out when you walk through the door.

    5. Finally get around to compartmentalizing your underwear drawer.

    6. De-clutter your car.

    7. Use plastic tackle boxes to organize your first aid kit.

    You can do this with batteries, too.

    8. Keep all your beauty products in one place (and label them).

    9. Find a place for those loose hair ties and bobby pins.

    10. And bracelets.

    11. Organize all your papers in binders and files.

    12. Have a place for bills, so you remember to pay them.

    13. Make sure your junk drawer contains only important, meaningful items.

    14. Throw out the years of magazines that have piled up.

    15. Stop digging around in your purse the next time you need to find something.

    16. Clean out your closet and donate the items you haven't worn in the past year.

    17. Start hanging things like tights, belts, and purses.

    18. Index your closet by category.

    19. Get rid of that shoe explosion sitting at the bottom of your closet.

    20. Make your fridge look like this.

    21. Start a filing system for your cookware.

    22. Organize your tupperware for once.

    23. Free up an entire cabinet shelf by putting all your spices in magnetic tins.

    24. Make a recycling station.

    25. Repurpose your old containers.

    26. Utilize the space on the insides of your cabinet doors.

    Just think...