26 Of The Most Memorable "Gossip Girl"-Style Trends, From Tasteful To Tacky

You always got the feeling that they put way more effort into the clothes on the show than they did the plotlines. Here’s a recap, from best to worst.

1. The Great: Blair’s Pussybows

…and Chuck’s ascots:

It’s how you knew Blair and Chuck were meant to be.

2. Sequins

The stylists were gratuitous yet for the most part tasteful with their use of sequins.

The sequins, in this case, are overshadowed by Serena’s perfectly disheveled hair and distracting cleavage.

3. Blair’s Occasional 1950s Thing

Blair’s retro wardrobe is what makes her infinitely more charming than Serena, who as we will later see, dresses like she’s stuck in 2004.

4. Bows

Look at those dimples!

5. The “Rosemary’s Baby” Look

Blair also had an occasional 1960s thing.

6. The Good: Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Ponytail

This is the most Pinteresting ponytail on the internet.

7. Interesting Coats

Gossip Girl always had a knack for making autumn in New York look like the most amazing time and place to be (which it is).

8. The Acceptable: Mixed Prints

9. Blair’s Little Old Lady Outfits

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Sometimes she was a little more Nancy Reagan than Anna Wintour.

A rare sighting of Blair in shorts.

11. The Slightly Bad: Floral Stepford Wife Dresses

12. Chuck’s Rainbow Wardrobe

13. The Bad: Boob Cutout Dresses

Serena’s cleavage was practically a supporting cast member.

Here’s Georgina, pulling it off rather well.

14. Cloché Hats

15. The Really Bad: Serena’s Rachel Zoe-esque Boho Style

During the summer months, Serena enjoys dressing like a Hamptons housewife twice her age.

16. Thigh-High Boots

17. The “Golfer” Look

LOL. Remember Jenny Humphrey???

18. Arm Satchels

They always seemed to make $5000 designer handbags look awful and clunky.

This is, quite possibly, the worst Dan has ever looked.

20. The Unacceptable: Weird Patterned Tights

21. Serena’s Micro-Skirts

Serena always could have used a couple extra inches.

22. The “Shawl Cardigan”

Hopefully we will never see these again after this show ends.

Here’s Serena, wearing like 5 of them at the same time.

23. Serena’s Revealing Hervé Dresses

Just because you don’t look lumpy in them doesn’t mean you should wear them.

25. Serena’s Awkward Tunic Tops

26. The Worst: Vanessa’s Terrible Style, In General


OH YEAH. ALSO. Scrunch boots. No.

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