26 Holographic Fashion Statements You Won’t Be Able To Stop Staring At

It’s like wearing glitter and rainbows AT THE SAME TIME. I wish “hologram” was an actual color option.

1. Holographic Wedding Dress (or Ball Gown) $289

2. Holographic Showgirl Costume, $29.99

3. Holographic Wine Glasses, $30

4. Holographic Buttons, $7

5. Holographic “Goddess” Dress, $225

6. Hologram Kitty Glasses, $14

7. Vintage Hologram Dress, $40

8. Handmade Hologram Jorts, $88

File this under “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

9. Holographic Hair Tinsel, $5 for 18 ft

10. “Terminator 2” Hologram Watch

11. Holographic Tape, $5 per Roll

12. Men’s Bikini with Holographic Motif, $30

13. Unicorn Hologram Stickers, $8

14. Holographic Doc Martens, Vintage

These are sold, but you can keep scouring the internet for them — they exist!

15. Holographic Hat, $30

16. Holographic Wallet, £78 (About $122.50)

17. Holographic Jeffrey Campbells, $159

18. Iron-On Holographic Glitter Letters, $15 for a Full Alphabet

19. Iridescent Snakeskin Cuff, $70

20. Holographic Halter Top, $30

21. Ksubi Holographic Jeans, Coming Soon

22. Holographic Child’s Arm Warmers, $10

23. Holographic Car

You can PAINT a car with holo-paint!

24. Hologram Leggings, $65

25. Holographic Nail Polish, $5

26. Holographic Contact Paper, $90 a Roll

I want to cover everything in this.

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