24 Products That Are Totally Feeling You Right Now

Yes, in fact, there is such a thing as uninspirational quotes.

1. How you feel when people come over.


2. How you feel about mornings.


3. How you feel when someone invites you to do something that involves getting dressed and turning off the Netflix.


4. How you feel about breakfast.


5. How you feel when people try to talk to you when you don’t want them to.


6. How you feel when you get all low blood sugar.


7. How you feel when everyone’s having more fun than you.


8. How you feel after a long-ass day.


9. How you feel about work.


10. How you feel about your best friend.


11. How you feel about true love.


12. How you feel about your household to-do list.


13. How you feel about the internet.


14. How you feel about animals.


15. How you feel about your personal progress.


16. How you feel about your current social calendar.

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17. How you feel when the people around you are watching some kind of “big game.”


18. How you feel when you’re forced to go out in public.


19. How you feel about your personal financial crisis.


20. How you feel before you leave your house, if that ever even happens.


21. How you feel about your food intake as of late.


22. How you feel about finally being a real adult.


23. How you feel when putting on real clothes is just too much.

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