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    22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

    That underwear drawer just won't cut it anymore.

    1. Hidden Bathroom Tile Storage

    2. Secret Wall Outlet Hiding Place

    3. Entertainment Center Storage

    This is more for organizational purposes than hiding, although I suppose you could stash some embarrassing DVDs in there.

    4. Photo Frame Secret Box

    5. Hidden Liquor Cabinet

    6. Toe Kick Base Cabinet Storage

    7. Staircase Trap Door

    8. Secret Armoir Bed

    You can keep your secret sex dungeon in there.

    9. Hidden Liquor in a Card Catalog Cabinet

    10. DIY Doortop Stash

    Get the directions from Makezine.

    11. Camouflaged Refrigerator

    12. Hidden Compartment Jewelry

    13. DIY Jewelry Storage Box

    Get the instructions here.

    14. Storage Computer Keyboard

    15. Bathtub with Stowaway Storage

    16. DIY Air Vent Vault Kit

    A little pricey, at $259, but look at all the stuff you can hide!

    17. Head of Iceberg Lettuce

    This is actually fake plastic lettuce that's hollow inside. It costs $99.

    18. Bar in the Staircase

    19. Sunscreen Valuables Container

    20. DIY Key Concealer

    Glue a rock to the top of a medicine bottle and "plant" in the yard.

    21. Deodorant Contraband Pocket

    22. Ultimate Hiding Place: A Hollow Dildo

    No one will ever want to touch that.

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