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20 DIY Home Remedies You Had No Idea Existed

These alleged fixes for bodily ailments mostly involve things you already have lying around, or can buy from the drugstore for a few dollars. DISCLAIMER: we have no idea if these actually work or not — this is merely a compilation of things a lot of people on the Internet recommend.

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1. Bar of Soap Allegedly Eases Restless Leg Syndrome

"I had the most restless legs last night and the second I unwrapped a bar of soap and put it down by feet... instantly the restlessness was gone," writes a woman undergoing chemo who swears by this.

This is one home remedy that everyone seems to be mystified by.


6. A Set of Cold Keys Down the Back of The Neck Supposedly Stops a Nosebleed

Stop a nosebleed by dropping keys down the back of someone's shirt or pressing a cold butter knife to the back of their neck. The temperature of the metal coagulates the blood.

"According to my EMT manuals, this actually does work. The correct procedure is to use one hand to run a metallic object along the patient's spine while using the other hand to apply presssure to both sides of the bridge of the patient's nose," someone wrote on


12. Drinking a Baking Soda Solution Allegedly Eases Urinary Tract Infections

Baking soda raises the PH level of the irritating and acidic urine during a UTI attack. Mix ¼ tsp baking of soda in 8 oz of water and drink up. Supposedly Alka Seltzer works, too.

13. Make a Mud Mask With Kitty Litter For Gunky Skin

GUESS WHAT, cat litter *with no added ingredients* is just bentonite clay.

Here's the recipe:

1. Add a cup of Kitty Litter to a microwave safe container and add water so that the Kitty Litter is covered by an inch or so of water.

2. Microwave the Kitty Litter mixture for a minute.

3. Apply the Kitty Litter face mask and relax for 10 minutes.

This works best on oily skin with large pores.

15. Cayenne Pepper Coule Stop Bleeding on Small Cuts/Wounds

"Cayenne pepper equalizes the blood pressure and allows cuts — even deep cuts — to clot quickly so you can keep all your blood inside your body, where it belongs," has reported.


16. Shaving Cream and Listerine Could Soften Cracked Heels

Rub shaving cream on your feet. Soak a handtowel in a solution of equal parts warm water and Listerine. Wrap the towel around your feet and let it sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, use the towel to rub your feet. Some of the calloused and discolored skin will rub off.

Last step: Apply a healthy amount of lotion to your feet.

Don't do this more than once a week! This remedy comes from