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19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting The Delia*s Catalog

It's one of those forgotten teenage thrills. Rory Gilmore probably shopped at dELiA*s.

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2. There was only one kind of jean: the mid-rise.

Remember the days when jeans weren't low-rise OR high-rise? We didn't have to worry about plumber's crack or whale tail or mid-day bloat. Life was easy and everything fit.

3. They sold inflatable furniture for the perfect teenage bedroom.

Everyone is all obsessed with "space-saving furniture," yet no one even considers the convenient portability of inflatable chairs and couches.


6. A tomboyish skateboarding outfit would be perfectly balanced with a half-ponytail.

In this newfangled age of complicated braids, hair-chalking, and beehives, we forget that there is something so effortlessly flattering about a half-ponytail.


12. Flared capris were the perfect pants for summer.

Remember every jeans trend of the past 5 years that has been completely beaten to death? Now you understand why flared capris feel so refreshing.


Photos taken from Melissa Aquino's Flickr.

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