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19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting The Delia*s Catalog

It's one of those forgotten teenage thrills. Rory Gilmore probably shopped at dELiA*s.

1. It regularly featured low-maintenance hairstyles for short-haired girls.

2. There was only one kind of jean: the mid-rise.

3. They sold inflatable furniture for the perfect teenage bedroom.

4. You learned what "rocket pants" were. And you totally wanted them.

5. The models all looked like BFFs.

6. A tomboyish skateboarding outfit would be perfectly balanced with a half-ponytail.

7. You didn't have to decide whether you were a wedge or a platform person.

8. The girls were always striking irreverent poses and making goofy faces.

9. tHiS foNT.

10. All the bottoms had drawstring waistbands.

11. You looked tall in your plat-flops.

12. Flared capris were the perfect pants for summer.

13. This camo maxi dress.

14. The jewelry was cheap and plentiful.

15. Somehow, a crotch-pocket jean skirt made sense.

16. The skirts were modestly knee-length.

17. You were encouraged to rock a cropped halter.

18. The physical act of filling out a form to place an order felt really momentous.


Photos taken from Melissa Aquino's Flickr.