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    19 '90s-Inspired DIYs

    You could get all your Clarissa Explains It All garb at Urban Outfitters. But then you'd have to shop there.

    1. The Braided Crop Top

    Fashion this out of an old t-shirt. Get the directions here.

    2. Reworked Shortalls

    Get the instructions here.

    I mean, just look how adorable Claire Danes looks in them.

    3. Cage Bralette

    This looks like something Naomi Campbell would have worn underneath a blazer. Made from elastic and an old pair of stretchy spandex bike shorts. Get the directions here.

    4. Strappy Bra

    Refashion an old strapless bra into a strappy harness bra. Get the directions here.

    You could really just go totally crazy with the straps, like Carré Otis in this Hervé Leger getup.

    5. Cropped Bustier

    Pair it with mom jeans, of course.

    6. Lisa Frank Sticker Case

    Get the directions here.

    7. Sticker-Covered Clutch

    In case you needed something to do with your childhood sticker collection. No tutorial but you can use mod podge to keep the stickers from falling off.

    8. Platform Sneakers

    Involves taking apart a few pairs of flip flops, stacking 'em, and covering them in liquid rubber. Get the directions here.

    So you can look like a Spice Girl.

    9. Cutout Shoulder Top

    Get the directions here.

    Inspired by the 1994 documentary Wildwood, NJ.

    10. Knit Grunge Beanie

    Get the directions here.

    11. Cross Earrings

    12. Daisy Sunglasses

    Get the directions in this issue of Miss Robin.

    13. Daisy-Rimmed Round Sunglasses

    No tutorial, but you can buy them here or make your own with a hot glue gun and daisy charms.

    You'll channel even more flower power than '90s Drew Barrymore.

    14. Paracord Bracelets

    Remember these? Get the tutorial here.

    15. Yin Yang Nails

    Get the directions here.

    Inspired by Sara Gilbert in Poison Ivy.

    16. Smiley Face Nails

    Get the directions here.

    In the spirit of Dawn Weiner's sassy earrings.

    17. Bedazzled Baseball Cap

    Get the directions here.

    Wear it sideways.

    18. Jersey Maxi Skirt

    Like the ones Kate used to wear.

    19. Mesh Crop Top

    Use an old pair of tights to make a mesh top, or to add mesh inserts. Get the directions here.

    Pair it with a flared skirt, a la '90s Anna Wintour.

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