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18 Little Tips That Just Might Save Your Life One Day

You never know when you're going to find yourself in an IRL Hunger Game.

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5. Look both ways when crossing the street, even if the "walk" sign is lit.

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If you've ever driven in a high-pedestrian traffic area like New York City, you know the level of concentration it takes...and you should also assume that most drivers are operating at an even lower level.

[source: Quora]


7. If someone has a concussion, elevate their head so that fluid doesn't build up in their brain.

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Lift the head slightly, about 20-30°. However, if you suspect a spine injury, it's important to not move the injured at all.

[source: Quora]

8. Always carry maximum-strength antihistamines with you when hiking, camping, or partaking in any outdoor activity.


You never know when you'll get stung by something you didn't know you were allergic to.

[source: Quora]

10. If you're in a situation where you have no water source, try your best not to eat.


Eating will just make you thirstier. You can survive 3 weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

[source: Quora]


11. If someone has been stabbed or impaled with a sharp object, don't pull it out (unless it's blocking an airway).


Pulling out the knife will greatly increase the rate of blood loss. You should be doing whatever you can to prevent blood loss.

[source: Quora]

12. Check the windows and back entrance locks after strangers have been in your home.


It's definitely a worst case scenario, but someone could easily unlock a window while in your home with a sinister plan to come back later.

[source: Quora]


16. Know how to give CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation properly.

If someone's heart stops, they are much more likely to survive if given CPR correctly. But recent studies also show that untrained bystanders giving mouth-to-mouth does not improve survival rates. So skip the mouth-to-mouth for rapid, chest-only compressions, which can be more easily administered by people who are not professionals.

17. If you know you're going to be in a crowded space, take note of the exits.


In case of fire or some other kind of disaster, people will always try to go out the door they came in, causing a jam.

[source: Quora]

18. Have a plan for when your car brakes fail.

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Start with pumping your brakes to alert the person behind you, use your parking brake, and shift your car into a lower gear. Watch the video for complete details.