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    17 Endearing Things That Mom Used To Do

    Really makes you wonder why you ever left home.

    1. She made you a Halloween costume every year.

    2. She put notes in your lunchbox.

    3. She gave you a Valentine when no one else did.

    4. She cleaned up after your disgusting messes.

    5. She took care of your pets.

    6. She cut your sandwiches into triangles.

    7. She trimmed your bangs.

    8. She actually kept food in the house.

    Your non-existent pantry will never look like this again.

    9. She gave you one of these.

    10. She sent you care packages during the time you felt loneliest.

    11. She got you a cell phone because she was worried about you.

    12. She came to see your band's first show.

    You know that gig sucked.

    13. She pushed you on the swings.

    14. She took you shopping.

    15. She'd say cute stuff like "My dogs are barkin'!" after walking two blocks.

    16. She came to your dance recital.

    (And made a scrapbook of it.)

    17. She drove you and your dumb friends everywhere.