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    15 Reasons Cara Delevingne Is The Jennifer Lawrence Of Models

    In an age where the supermodel is a thing of the past, Cara Delevingne quickly rose to dominate the internet. She's the one cool, pretty, skinny girl that you're not allowed to hate.

    1. They're both like, "Where's the food?"

    2. They both have winning smiles.

    3. They both seem psyched to be alive.

    4. You KNOW they like to get stoned.

    5. They've both been GIFed to no end on Tumblr.

    6. And memed.

    7. They both exhibit a mastery of exquisite derpness.

    8. They're adorable.

    9. They do cute, endearing things.

    10. They're like the kid sister you wish you had.

    11. They're imperfect, just like us.

    12. They've both canoodled with Harry Styles.

    13. They're total klutzes!

    14. They're self-deprecating.

    15. And despite all these wonderful human qualities, people still find it in their hearts to hate on them.