14 Trends From Coachella 2012 You’ll Probably See More Of This Summer

The execution on all of these wasn’t perfect, but a lot of this stuff is pretty cute — and beats the cliché cutoffs and crop tops you usually see at these things.

1. Matching Tops And Bottoms

This is like, the perfect amount of midriff.

2. Bustier-Top Dresses

4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Sadly, I think we might actually be reaching the saturation point of round sunglasses. These cat-eyes look really refreshing, especially with an otherwise unremarkable outfit.

5. Pink And Orange

Colors that make you want to eat ice cream can never be a bad thing.

6. Mismatched Leopard

A LOT of people were wearing leopard print this year, but wearing two kinds at once is so counter-intuitive that it’s kind of awesome.

7. Photographic Prints

These jeans are like ART.

9. Polka Dots

These girls wore polka dots and managed to not look like sad Zooey Deschanel or sad Betty Page.

10. Palazzo Pants

It’s kind of like taking a time machine to The Limited in 1991. If you can pull it off and make it look like it’s 2012, you’re doing something right.

11. Vintage White Lacy Dresses

There’s certainly a right or wrong way to wear the “flimsy white dress.” Maybe it’s the fact that her underwear isn’t seeping through that makes this girl look so good?

12. Statement Sneakers

13. Non-Strappy Sandals

These sandals are, dare I say, holographic?

14. The Head Scarf

A very glamourous alternative to the hippie headband.

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