14 Fashion Week Food Trends

People who participate in Fashion Week don’t just eat regular balanced meals or civilized sit-down dinners. Fashion Week is its own little microcosm of strange foods and bad eating habits. Here are real photos from Fashion Week that prove it.

1. Scallops

They’re small, they’re low carb, and they’re not nearly as pedestrian as shrimps. This is a scallop dish being served at the Standard Hotel during Fashion Week.

Bryan Boy’s Scallops

2. Low Carb

A fun meal of dried jerky.

Shrimp cocktail and bloody marys.

3. A Single Breadstick

A breadstick was seen eaten at Fashion Week!

4. Crappy Breakfasts

Someone’s Fashion Week breakfast.

5. The Alcohol Food Group

Mimosas for breakfast.

Rosé, imbibed at Betsey Johnson.

6. Fancy but Uneaten Backstage Spreads

Insane pastries at Philip Lim.

At Oscar de la Renta.

7. The Diet Pepsi + Fiber One Bar Diet

They were the official sponsors of New York Fashion Week.

8. Tiny Things That Barely Count as Food

The cupcakes at the William Okpo show.

Male model eats a microscopic sandwich backstage at Tommy Hilfiger.

A lone tiny sandwich, backstage at A Collective.

Sandwiches cut into quarters.

9. Food Trend: Eating/Sipping With Your Tongue/Teeth Instead of Lips

It’s a weird model thing where you open wide, stick your tongue out, place the substance on your tongue, and lap it up like a dog. Maybe it has something to do with not leaving lipstick marks, or maybe it’s a diet secret!!!

10. Little Bags of Snacks

Backstage at Alice + Olivia.

11. Flowers

Ice cubes filled with flowers at the Alice + Olivia party.

12. Designer Water

14. Dog Food?

Tacks, safety pins, bobby pins, and dog food morsels as seen backstage at Norma Kamali.

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