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13 Rain Hacks To Help You Deal When You Get Caught In A Downpour

There is nothing worse than wet socks. I repeat: there is nothing worse than wet socks.

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4. Wear Platform Melissa Shoes if You Don't Want to Wear Rain Boots

There's a time and a place for galoshes (a muddy music festival, for instance), but they're just not appropriate for the office, or going out. Melissa shoes are made out of plastic, so you can dry them off with a paper towel or some Starbucks napkins. And the platform will at least keep your feet somewhat dry unless you happen to step in a huge puddle.


5. Keep Your Wet Socks On If You Have Sinus Issues

"By wearing wet socks on one’s feet, the body is tricked into drying that area of the body- while at the time time increasing circulation in the legs," claims Healthmad. This increased circulation acts as an agent to dry your nasal passages and sinuses in your throat during sleep."

Your feet will feel horrible, but your nose will feel okay, at best.

6. Use Hand Cream to De-Frizz Hair

"Take some of your hand cream that you carry around in your bag, rub it throughly through your palms, and finger comb it through your hair. This helps to “settle” the frizz until you get home and takes exactly two seconds to do."

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8. So You Ruined Your Suede Shoes...

Life goes on with these simple tricks:

• Spot clean with a pencil eraser.

• Flush off water stains by lightly wetting the entire shoe and using a soft sponge to rub gently.

• Stuff shoe with paper towels to keep shape while drying.

• Spray with a suede protector.