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    13 Rain Hacks To Help You Deal When You Get Caught In A Downpour

    There is nothing worse than wet socks. I repeat: there is nothing worse than wet socks.

    1. Take your shoes off and stuff them with newspaper.

    2. Microfiber Towels

    3. Or use a t-shirt that's lying around.

    4. Wear Platform Melissa Shoes if You Don't Want to Wear Rain Boots

    5. Keep Your Wet Socks On If You Have Sinus Issues

    6. Use Hand Cream to De-Frizz Hair

    7. Use Blotting Paper to Fix Your Face

    8. So You Ruined Your Suede Shoes...

    9. Invest in Shoe Covers

    10. Use an Iron to Dry Clothing that Can't Go in a Dryer

    11. Improvise an Umbrella

    12. Submerge Your Gadgets in Dry Rice if They've Been Affected by Water

    13. Get a Portable Sock Dryer