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    10 Design Ideas For Your Dream Loft

    And if you don't already live in one, you'll want to after seeing these photos.

    The Library Loft

    Pretty much the ultimate way to show off your books (and how smart you are). You need an ENTIRE loft to fit all the knowledge sitting inside your head.

    The Cozy Nook Loft

    I feel about nook lofts the way I used to feel about window seats. You really just want to curl up and spend all day reading.

    The Woodsy and Warm Cabin Loft

    Probably not a good idea to put candles everywhere, but when it comes to interiors...AMBIANCE over SAFETY, amiright?

    The Kids' Loft

    If you want hipster children, you gotta start 'em young.

    The Botanical Loft

    Turn your loft into a greenhouse. That seems like a perfectly practice use of space.

    I can't tell if this is real or not.

    The Enchanted Canopy Loft

    I want to wake up every morning and feel like the Princess Bride.

    The Spiral Staircase Loft

    This is actually my dream loft, and it belongs to Lizzy Janssen. I literally stare at this photo and feel wistful that I don't live here.

    The Exposed Beam Loft

    Exposed beams. They suck at concerts. But they give a nice geometry to a large space.

    The Gated Loft

    A good idea for those who don't want to die falling out of their loft bed.

    The Spartan Loft

    Good idea if you have too many kids, or you're trying to start a halfway house.