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    Welcome To Norway

    Are you ready for an adventure? Explore the happy south, the wild west, the Arctic north, and the cultural east. Come and find your Norway.

    National Tourist Routes in Norway.

    There are eighteen National Tourist Routes in Norway. Ten of them are located in Western Norway, in the fjords. Common to them all is that the roads are going through some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery that Norway has to offer. Here is a brief overview of the National Tourist Routes in the fjords.

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    Glacier Hiking on Nigardsbreen Glacier with Fjord Tours

    Below you can read more about what to see and do along the roads. There are great opportunities to not only see the area from the car, but also be active in the surrounding nature. Like hiking, kayaking, cycling, skiing, glacier hiking or to join a fjordcruise. The pictures below show you some of the things you can do along the routes.

    Fasten your seat belts and have a fabulous trip with beautiful scenery along the roads in the fjords.

    Geiranger – Trollstigen


    Experience the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord and the Trollstigen Mountain Road, two of Norways most dramatic and most visited attractions. Stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel that use the surrounding nature as part of the hotel. The National Tourist Route is 106 kilometre long and is closed during winter.