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The Ultimate Dating Guide, As Told By Salem From "Sabrina The Teenage Witch"

Advice from the cat that tried to take over the world.

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1. Love yourself before loving someone else.

2. Be honest about your life goals.

3. Keep calm and prove that you know how to behave in hard times.

4. Be mindful of your physical appearance.

5. (This also applies for your fashion choices.)

6. Make it clear that you're aware of your role in this world.

7. Keep in mind that being honest is an underestimated quality.

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8. Let your date know that you enjoy the simple things in life.

9. Keep in touch with the new technologies and social networks.

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10. If love doesn't happen...

...try getting over it with a lot of carbs.

11. Don't be afraid of the bad hair days.

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12. Accept that life has its high and lows, and that it isn't made only of happy moments, as people are trying to convince you on Instagram.

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13. But if your date worked out, pretend it's no big deal.

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14. And accept the love.

15. Good luck!

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