How To Survive Family Holidays According To The Kardashians

Advice from the most iconic family in America.

1. It’s Christmas - besides Santa Claus, gifts and a lot of food, it offers you a special time to be spent with your family.

2. There will be shameful moments.

3. Lots of shameful moments.

4. Probably involving your parents.

5. You must be careful about your looks for these events.

6. Accept that this one probably won’t be you:

7. And that your professional and love lives will be judged.

8. So tell everyone about your main achievements.

9. Never judge other people’s weight.

10. Especially if you’re the one whose weight others will talk about.

11. Don’t be upset if you’re not given the best gifts.

12. And never judge other peoples gifts.

13. Thou shall respect other people’s pet.

14. And have fun with the kids! They’re cute and won’t judge you.

15. And just like you, love electronics.

16. They will be difficult days of extreme family life.

17. But always remember: Christmas is an opportunity to create good memories with your family.

18. Enjoy the special TV schedule together.

19. And the amazing reruns.

20. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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