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    31 Hilarious Tweets Only Black People Will Understand

    Fix that attitude before I fix it for you.

    1. How Sasha really got a restaurant job for the summer:

    2. When you thought you did a good job of lotioning your hands:

    3. When you truly thought your mom might actually come through the phone:

    4. When rappers used to endorse these bomb-ass potato chips:

    5. The face your mom would make ANY time you ask for something in the store:

    6. The frustration that is losing your bonnet in your sleep:

    7. The moment you thought you were big enough to go toe-to-toe with your dad:

    8. Every mom's response when they knew you were lying:

    9. The "Growing Up Ashy" starter pack:

    10. The exact photo your fly aunties take at any family get-together:

    11. How you learned anger managment growing up:

    12. When you're not playing the dozens with your homies and you get to sit back and take notes:

    13. How things change once you actually get the job:

    14. The face your mom makes in church when she's throwing shade at you:

    15. When your uncle starts drinking and ~embellishing~ some stories at the cookout

    16. The confusion that ensues when your mom is trying to insult you but she's actually insulting herself:

    17. The fans that were always near the people who started speaking in tongues or dancing in the aisle:

    18. When you knew all your cousins were about to have a fun ass time without you at your grandma's:

    19. When you didn't want to be a snitch:

    20. When you did not want to face the consequences of coming home after the street lights came on:

    21. When you finally found the formula to get them 360 waves poppin':

    22. The two things you knew to do to keep your braids on point:

    23. When "that boy" would always ask for his hug:

    24. What you wanted to do when your parents would say "you wanna be grown":

    25. How your parents would dress you and your siblings no matter the age gap:

    26. That moment when the street dude came to the altar after the sermon:

    27. How you felt when your mom would deny your right to a Happy Meal:

    28. When your mom flips out on you for actually trying to help out:

    29. The struggle of being tenderheaded AF:

    30. How you felt when you got that fresh cut:

    31. Finally, what all moms say when you laugh at an inappropriate time: