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17 People That Can't Be Trusted Around Food

This is how you ruin a meal.

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1. Come on y'all. What's going on here?

Instagram: @flam1ng0g1rl

2. You can't trust someone that does THIS to soup.

Instagram: @tamaralkn

3. This person that can never step foot in Chicago again…

Instagram: @charispayne

…because of the ~heinzous~ crime they committed.

Instagram: @theycallmeej

4. OK, this looks fun AF but I'd much rather swallow water by accident then that thick, sour, red, sludge.

Instagram: @gerry_malisani

Although, this is a better use for it.

6. Me: "Ah, thanks for asking. Can you tell the chef I don’t trust them? Thank you."

Instagram: @jram_13cooks

7. Ketchup with fries is a thing so that's acceptable, I guess...but, THIS is too much.

Instagram: @jdudley86

8. How do you like your eggs?...don't answer that. It doesn't matter when you do this to it.

Instagram: @karl_alfred_

9. You can't really trust the person that doesn't think about the consequences of their food requests.

Hey @McDonalds I get that I asked for only ketchup...but this is a bit excessive... #ketchupfordays

10. Can you even taste the food at this point?

Instagram: @mommyamazingfood

11. Who wants to share the last slice of pizza with someone that does THIS to it?

Instagram: @debbie_cakes2263

12. It's worse what people are doing to mac and cheese.

Instagram: @dirtyragz

13. Here's a secret, both of these people are untrustworthy.

Instagram: @bbakesx

15. Where does the ketchup end and the food begin?

Instagram: @katherine_theawkward

17. This madness must end. Ketchup itself needs a funeral.

This is doing ENTIRELY too much.

@missolu93 / Via Twitter: @missolu93

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