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    Posted on Dec 17, 2017

    16 Rap Facts Most Hip-Hop Fans Don't Even Know

    H/T OnlyHipHopFacts.

    1. Busta Rhymes was the voice of Reptar on Rugrats.

    .@BustaRhymes was the voice of Reptar on "Rugrats"

    2. Lauryn Hill got booed while performing at The Apollo.

    13 year old Lauryn Hill gets booed while performing at Amateur Night At The Apollo in 1987

    3. Drake's favorite expression in high school was "bling bling." He went on to sign to the creator of the phrase.

    .@Drake wrote in a yearbook that his favorite expression was "bling bling" & that he aspired to be a breakdancer &…

    4. The cover of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) didn't feature all the members of Wu-Tang.

    Not all of Wu-Tang showed up to the 36 Chambers album cover photo shoot, so 2 managers stepped in & wore masks for…

    5. LL Cool J's mom used her tax refund money to help jump start his career.

    As a teen, @llcoolj's mom used her tax refund to buy him new recording equipment for a demo after labels kept rejec…

    6. J. Cole was at the show for Dave Chappelle's Block Party.

    .@JColeNC can be seen in the crowd at Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie concert.

    7. Jim Carrey wrote funny letters to Tupac when he was in jail.

    .@JimCarrey wrote letters to Tupac when he was in prison to help him laugh and smile. Jim was Pac’s favorite actor

    8. Nas was the first New York rapper to appear on a Dr. Dre song AND the the first member outside of Wu-Tang to appear on an album.

    9. Danny Brown does a voiceover for one for one of the lifeguards in Grand Theft Auto V.

    .@xdannyxbrownx voices one of the lifeguards in GTA V.

    10. It took Kanye West about 15 minutes to make the beat for "Otis" on Watch The Throne.

    .@kodaklens tells the story of how Kanye West made the Otis beat 15-20 mins before catching a flight.

    11. Diddy directed the video for "Player's Ball" by Outkast.

    .@Diddy directed Outkast's "Player's Ball" and "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" videos.

    12. 2 Chainz was being recruited by the University of Memphis to play basketball and replace Penny Hardaway. He ended up playing at Alabama State.

    As a standout college basketball player, @2chainz was being considered as a replacement for Penny Hardaway at the U…

    13. Dr. Dre has stayed in the studio for 79 hours without sleeping.

    .@drdre has gone 79 hours in the studio without sleeping.

    14. Pharrell gave Pusha T 15 minutes to get to the studio to get the "Grindin'" beat.

    The beat for Clipse's 'Grinding' was supposed to go to @S_C_ but @Pharrell gave @PUSHA_T 15 minutes to get to the s…

    15. Eminem wore a bulletproof vest to the studio when he worked with Jay-Z on "Moment of Clarity."

    When @Eminem got to @S_C_'s studio to work on "Moment of Clarity," Hov gave him a hug & was surprised Em was wearin…

    16. Barack Obama thinks Kendrick Lamar would beat Drake in a rap battle.

    Obama answers: If Drake & Kendrick Lamar got into a battle, who do you think would win?