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13 Random Facts About Ohio That Can Only Come From Ohio

Only in Ohio.

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1. In North Canton, Ohio it's illegal to rollerskate without notifying police.

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2. The first police car, ever was used to pick up a drunk man in Akron, Ohio.

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3. Columbus, Ohio has been an incubator for fast food restaurants to test out new products before adding it to their menus.

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4. In 1968 a vacant lot in Cleveland's East Side was the headquarters and self-defense storefront for a section of the Black Nationalist Party.

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5. The world's largest basket is in Newark, Ohio.

CBS / Via

6. The first professional baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

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7. Cleveland, Ohio was the first city to be lit fully by electrical light with the invention of the arc lamp.

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8. At the Allen County Museum there is a swallowed object display called "Things Swallowed", which features a doctor's collection of objects swallowed by patients over a 20 year span.

9. Ohio was also home to 8 of the 43 US presidents.

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10. The largest drumsticks in the world are in Warren, Ohio at Dave Grohl Alley.

@zombreequeen / Via

11. There is a 12-shop doughnut trail courtesy of Butler County starting in Middletown, Ohio and ending in Fairfield, Ohio.

Butler County Visitors Bureau / Via

12. In Dublin, Ohio there is a public art installation in Dublin, Ohio called Cornhenge which features 109 eight feet tall ears of corn made of concrete.

@thekidwhosavedtheworld / Via

13. And, Jerry Springer was the 56th mayor of Cincinnati before getting into television.

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