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    Dec 11, 2017

    17 Tweets That Prove Vine Never Truly Left

    We still doin' it for the vine.

    1. When you get over your fears for true joy:

    @kobychill / Via Twitter: @kobychill

    2. When you're willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good:

    @datassque / Via Twitter: @datassque

    3. When Vine turns you into the ex that can't let go:

    @gracerobblee / Via Twitter: @gracerobblee

    4. When you're willing to resort to necromancy to bring Vine back:

    @ItsJoelFriedman / Via Twitter: @ItsJoelFriedman

    5. This Twitter account:

    @_is_Trey / Via Twitter: @_is_Trey

    6. This literary masterpiece:

    this right here hit the spot...😓

    @sofritolocito / Via Twitter: @sofritolocito

    7. THIS photoshop masterpiece:


    @ultraviolethan / Via Twitter: @ultraviolethan

    8. When your dream date has to know Vine references:

    @damn_lui / Via Twitter: @damn_lui

    9. When nothing even makes sense anymore in Vines absence:

    @SouljaHoward / Via Twitter: @SouljaHoward

    10. When you realize Vine will always be relevant:

    me in 30 years still tweeting vine references

    @brokeangel / Via Twitter: @brokeangeI

    11. You in 227 characters:

    the “i miss vine” friend - always rting vines - seriously you have to mute them - quotes vines no one even remember…

    @sunsetcolby / Via Twitter: @sunsetcolby

    12. When you meet your soulmate:

    when you start making vine references to someone & they also start making them back

    @Zyphree_ / Via Twitter: @Zyphree_

    13. When you use your last breath to address the important things in life:

    judge: so you’re going to jail for murder....any last words??? local: I Miss Vine So Fucking Much I Would Trade A…

    @hypedresonance / Via Twitter: @hypedresonance

    14. This perfect caption:

    @IssaaTaylorr / Via Twitter: @IssaaTaylorr

    15. The withdrawal since the app has been shutdown:

    Day 272 since vine shut down: I am nothing. The world is darker, more dangerous and less hopeful for tomorrow. Even Miss Keisha is dead.

    @8an_wiley / Via Twitter: @8an_Wiley

    16. When you exhaust all search engine combinations looking for that one Vine:

    me trying to find a specific vine on google

    17. And the truth that is this tweet:

    Snapchat is all about the streaks. Insta is all about the likes. Twitter is all about the rts. But Vine... Vine was all about the laughs...

    Still holding out hope...

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