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    17 Tweets That Will Make Broke College Students Laugh Then Cry

    "Can't gain weight in college if you're too broke to eat."

    1. When being broke in college inspires your creativity:

    i don't have any spooks or forks so i broke off a piece of a hanger so i could eat

    2. When you realize college is basically a four year diet plan:

    Can't gain weight in college if you're too broke to eat

    3. When you realize the grass isn't necessarily greener afterwards:

    When you excited about not being a broke college kid anymore but then realize that now you just a broke college gra…

    4. When you resort to extreme measures for basic necessities:

    You don't know the struggle of being a broke college kid until you sell your plasma for spring break grocery money

    5. When you can't resist the urge to have anything that's free:

    when youre in college and broke, you have to take advantage of anything free.

    6. When most of the transactions in your account are under a dollar:

    struggles of being a broke college student

    7. And so, the not-so-big bills can make a huge difference in your bank acount:

    When even your mom understands the struggle of being a broke college kid

    8. When you learn that sleep can take the place of a meal:

    College: when you're broke and hungry you take a nap for dinner

    9. When you see how crazy these kids are getting with their promposals:

    I be seeing some of these Class of 2017 prom pictures like WOW. Ya'll going to Prom in Gucci and flying in on jets…

    10. When you discover how petty FAFSA is:

    Me: can I have some money for college? FAFSA: cAn i hAvE sOm3 mOnEy f0r cOlLeGe

    11. When your definition of broke is completely different than some of your friends:

    "Man, college made me so broke" "Sameeee. What are you doing for spring break?" "Going to Cancun. You?"

    12. Because, for you saying you don't have any money means exactly just that:

    13. When you heard that Nicki Minaj was paying some people's tuition and student loans:

    14. When you figure out a full proof plan to keep raking in the free food:

    How 2 get food in college: 1. b hungry all the time 2. Establish rep with ur friends 3. Have ur friends' parents br…

    15. When you're always prepared to eat wherever you go:

    16. When you can't really afford to throw things away like you usually would:

    U know ur a broke college student when u wash a paper plate and reuse it....

    17. Finally, when you have a profound understanding of everyone being in this together:

    Pizza Hut doing 50% off all pizzas RT to save a hungry college kid

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