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Jordan Peele’s New Movie Is Basically “The Proud Family Movie” And My Mind Is Blown

Us, but make it animated.

This tweet by @umcornell has Twitter in a frenzy because it shows that Jordan Peele's new movie Us is basically just a remix of The Proud Family Movie.

waaaaaaiitttt a fuckinggg minute.... soooo the movie “Us” is literally just a reality version of proud family movie?? i’m-


And this reply has perfectly captured the response across the board...

@leekybo / Via Twitter: @LeeekyBo, obviously the thought that follows is that Jordan Peele is probably shaking in boots because he's been exposed!

Comedy Central

WRONG! He even took the time to link to the original source from YouTube.



And the hilarious trailer was created by Jose Anaya, a 21-year-old graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada.

Jose Anaya / Via

"Overall I'm just glad so many people enjoyed the video," he told BuzzFeed. "I was blown away when I saw that Jordan Peele himself liked it and I really appreciated that he took the time to find the original link to my YouTube video and post it."


"I'm a big fan and I probably watched the trailer for Us about a dozen times before it clicked in my head that it felt like The Proud Family Movie."

Universal Pictures

The similarities between the films so far are uncanny.


So, while we wait for Us to be released and shake us to our core, take it upon yourself to see the classic that is The Proud Family Movie and hope that the Genomes make a cameo.

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For future updates from the creator of the parody follow @yeekstudios on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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