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    17 Struggles Only People Growing Locs Will Understand

    Wait, how long is this going to take to dry?

    1. Trying to make it through the transition from having a lengthy afro to short locs.

    2. Constantly having to endure the loss of loc casualties.

    3. New growth, and the endless amount of time you spend twisting your roots to keep it neat.

    4. The moment you realize you'll have to say goodbye to your favorite hats.

    “@__laReine: I'm gonna have to get an XL cap bcuz my dreads make my head big :/” locstruggles smh

    Hair goals = Hat loss.

    5. The premature attempts to style your hair, leaving you with the struggle tail.

    Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed

    Friendships and ponytails are the two things you shouldn't force.

    6. Trying to keep your belongings clean, because the shedding is way too real.

    Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed

    Drinking tons of water and keeping your hair moisturized should do the trick!

    7. The struggle of finding the right hairdresser.

    8. Always having to deal with people who say locs aren't professional looking.

    9. Or when people stereotype your hairstyle as something worn by thugs and delinquents.

    10. The amount of time it takes for you to wash, dry, and palm roll your hair.

    11. Trying to suppress your loc-envy when you see someone with the hair you wish you had.

    12. Not being able stop romanticizing cutting your locs because it would take less work.

    But you ultimately decide not to because you saw someone killing those goddess braids.

    13. When you meet the person that makes you question how thick your locs should be.

    14. The underepresentation of people of color on various Google search results.

    Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed / Via

    Try searching "locs".

    Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed / Via

    Because there is nothing dreadful about your locks.

    15. When you dye your locs and people compare them to various food and food products.

    16. The resentment you experience seeing someone pulling off the dyed locs look that didn't quite fit you.

    17. When you see someone with freeform locs and it makes you question your entire existence.

    You couldn't possibly restart your journey when you've made it so far, could you?

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