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    The 23 Most Unforgettable Moments In Roc-A-Fella History

    Roc La Familia.

    1. When Bill O'Reilly got eternally ROASTED by Cam'ron and Dame Dash on his own show.

    Fox / Via

    Coining the phrase "U MAD, U MAD!"

    2. Any moment Dame Dash had two bottles of Armadale Vodka you knew you were about to witness the ultimate jig.

    Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

    'Cause he's from Harlem, b.

    3. When the King of Rap brought out the King of Pop at the 2001 Summer Jam.


    4. And when he performed "The Takeover" that same night and destroyed Prodigy of Mobb Deep, but really aimed to destroy Nas.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    5. Any time Dame Dash and Aaliyah got together it seriously warmed your heart.


    6. The short lived moments when Jay, Amil, Memphis Bleek, and Beanie Sigel were all on a track together.

    Columbia Records / Via

    7. When Backstage was released and you got to see Roc-A-Fella at the height of their reign go on tour with DMX, Method Man, and Redman.

    Dimension Films / Via

    8. And when Jay Z and DMX had an impromptu cypher backstage at one of the venues.

    Dimension Films / Via

    9. When Kanye got his beat on The Dynasty album — the rest is history.

    Paramount Classics / Via

    10. When The Diplomats hit the booth on Rap City and Cam'ron counted money the whole time. CLASSIC.

    BET / Via

    "Four mill from Def Jam and I ain't sell a record for em..."

    11. The moment when Jay and Cam'ron made an appearance on 106 & Park and things were, well, awkward.

    BET / Via

    12. The moment when State Property proved they were a force to be reckoned with when they started releasing street classics.

    Lions Gate Films / Via

    "One for Peedi Crakk, two for Free, three for Young Gunz, and four for Sieg."

    13. The sad moment when Cassidy destroyed Freeway in their unforgettable rap battle in the studio.


    "You can't put a beat on?"

    14. When Dame made a hilarious appearance on Chappelle's Show with the Roc-A-Pads skit.

    Comedy Central / Via

    15. When Jay Z had EVERYONE and their momma wearing throwback jerseys.

    Mark Mainz / Getty Images

    16. And the moment Jay subsequently told you to "throw on a suit, get it tapered up" and obviously you had to burn all your Mitchell & Ness jerseys.

    Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

    17. When you saw Cam'ron basically play himself as Rico in Paid in Full.

    Miramax Films / Via

    18. When Jay Z said "I got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain." And everyone knew EXACTLY who he was talking about.

    Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

    19. When Dame went to the Def Jam office and spazzed on everyone for having a meeting about Jay Z without him.

    Choke No Joke / Via

    Early signs that the Roc-A-Fella reign might've been over.

    20. When Jay Z announced his retirement and released his Fade To Black film.

    Paramount Classics / Via


    21. When Jay said "SIKE!" and came back to drop Kingdom Come.

    Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

    Ahhh Mr. Carter, Mr. Carter — you us goin' for a second there.

    22. When the photos of Jay and Dame dapping each other up circulated on the internet.

    23. Finally, when Jay reunited the old gang and performed during the Tidal X: Jay Z B-sides concert.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    The Dynasty part two? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Roc-A-Fella y'all.

    Rhapsody / Via

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