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17 Hilarious Situations Anyone Without AC Will Understand

When in doubt, cold shower.

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1. When you learn that you have to live with regrets:

2. When the AC is out and your house gets all "welcome to hell" on you:

3. How it feels to come home after a long day to a house without AC:

4. When you have to use all the fans in your house to cool your room down:

5. When taking a nap is a struggle:

6. When you're in denial about needing AC:

7. That summer struggle of moving into your hot-ass dorm:

8. When you've literally reached the boiling point of living without AC:

9. When your dog knows the only place to sit in a house without AC is in front of a fan:

10. When you have to end your hot-ass day in a home without AC:

11. When you really don't want to leave but you remember the car has AC:

12. When the outside rain is your only place of refuge:

13. When you have to be prepared for things you own to melt:

14. When not having AC brings out a side you never thought you had:

15. When you're pretty sure your parents just want to see you suffer:

16. When you have to sit in your fridge to cool down:

17. Finally, when the last resort is to take a cool shower:

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