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This Run The Jewels Music Video With Rick And Morty Is What You Need Today

Oh Mama.

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Run The Jewels just released a music video with Rick and Morty on Adult Swim and it's so damn good.

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The Juan Meza-León directed video features Rick and Morty looking COOL. AS. SHIT.

Adult Swim / Via

Like an animated version of Men In Black or something.

And it's safe to say that people are pretty excited about it.

Run The Jewels new music video is a Rick and Morty clip if you want a taste of heaven

Twitter / Via @AfroAmericanAA

The video starts off with Rick and Morty busting into what appears to be an alien gambling spot — then the kick-assness ensues.

Adult Swim / Via

Extremely fitting that Killer Mike says, "I'm known in my town in those strips where high-rollers be" when this scene pops up.

Now, the gore is just gorgeous.

Adult Swim / Via

And the track is JUST as impressive visually...

Adult Swim / Via it is lyrically.

RapGenius / Via

But, that cliffhanger ending has all us Rick and Morty fans wondering, "What the hell is in that box?!"

Adult Swim / Via

Fingers crossed that we'll get some answers in Season 4!

Adult Swim / Via

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