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    Mar 25, 2017

    17 Pictures That’ll Make Sense To An Introvert With Extrovert Tendencies

    To leave or not to leave — that is the question.

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    1. While you love going out and partying, you need at least five days' notice to actually convince yourself it will be fun.


    2. But when you ARE ready, you commit yourself 150%.


    3. It takes you a million years to find something to wear that's not sweatpants.

    Jenna Marbles / Via

    4. Although, to be totally honest, you would rock a onesie in a club.

    Touchstone Television

    5. But when you do find *THE* outfit, your confidence soars and you get the feeling that it'll be THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

    Parkwood Columbia

    6. In fact, you've literally spent the entire next day after going out in bed, just because you could.

    Cartoon Network

    7. And while you have no regrets, you also recognize that it basically takes you a full week to recover after just ONE night out.

    TV Land

    8. You physically and mentally cannot handle going out two nights in a row, so you never do.


    9. Yes, you understand that there are certain things you'll need at least ONE person's company for.


    10. But it actually feels kind of good to kick your friends out and spend some quality time alone.


    11. And sometimes your eagerness to stay in concerns your friends, but you have no problem telling them you're just fine.


    12. There are also times you feel bad when you say no to social obligations, but you know that you won't have fun if you push yourself to go out when you don't want to.

    Focus Features

    13. And since you can't party AND get some peace of mind...

    Giphy / Via

    14.'s imperative to have those ~special~ nights dedicated to doing absolutely nothing.


    15. The big end-of-the-night struggle after a night of partying is going home to peace and quiet or getting food first.


    16. And you want to spend the entire next day avoiding human touch and interaction.

    Tim Lienhard / Via

    17. But once you're recharged, you are free to be the life of the party again.

    New Line Cinema

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