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    Nintendo Just Announced That Every Character Will Be Featured On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    "We made the impossible, possible."

    Nintendo just announced that every fighter from all previous Super Smash Bros. games will be available in Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch!

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    It's safe to say people are pretty ~hype~ about it.

    @supersonicsam64 / Via Twitter: @supersonicsam64

    Like really, really hype about it.

    @JustinWong / Via Twitter: @JustinWong

    The starting roster will be fairly small, but eventually there'll be over 60 fighters to choose from as you unlock them!

    Nintendo / Via

    Oh, and Ridley from Metroid is coming to fight big deal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Ridley finally joins the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! #E32018

    Masahiro Sakurai (Super Smash Bros. creator and director) has every right to feel like this after this news!

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2018)

    The only bad news is now all we have to do is wait patiently until December 7, 2018!!

    @NintendoAmerica / Via Twitter: @NintendoAmerica

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