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What's The Most Embarrassing Thing Someone Has Caught On Your Phone

"Wait! Hold on one second…let me check my phone first."

Our phones are like our own personal secret holders, y'all.

Which is why we hold them very close to us. Literally.

Even Drake knows you'd be upset if you kept scrolling to the left... oh, Lordt.

Maybe your friend grabbed your phone to send a picture to themselves and ended up seeing texts of you talking shit about them... yikes.

Maybe you thought vlogging was your calling and your friend saw a really embarrassing episode you made when they borrowed your phone.

Or maybe you and your significant other were filming your sexy time and didn't think having a passcode was necessary until your parents needed to borrow your phone.

Or maybe you wanted to show someone you were on a date with a photo, but the first photo in your camera roll was a nude selfie.

We want to know — What's the most embarrassing thing someone has caught on your phone? Tell us in the comments, or show us your screenshots via the DropBox below and you might get featured in our next BuzzFeed Community post!