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    19 Hilarious Tweets You Need To Send To Your Roommates

    "I think one of my roommates is having sex while watching Drake and Josh."

    1. When you're already familiar with all your roommates stories because you check out all their social medias:

    When you pretend you're hearing ur roommates' stories for the first time like U haven't cyber-stalked the shit out…

    2. When you're living with roommates in college that don't give a damn about curfew, or others:

    When ur roommates keep you up half the night the night before a hard exam

    3. When you get caught redhanded at your moment of weakness:

    When ur roommates come into the kitchen to find you eating ice cream straight out the carton

    4. When you have a feeling your roommate is dipping into your snack stash:

    When you wanna treat yourself to your roommate's food for a morning snack

    5. When your roommate don't give AF about your diet:

    My roommate just keeps bringing me food. 😍

    6. When your roommate gives you little signals to stay out of their shit:

    Roommate: Heads up. I just puked in my trash. Me: Okay. I get it. I won't look through your garbage anymore.

    7. When hearing your name without you in the room makes your ears perk up like a dog being tempted with treats:

    When ur roommates are in the living room & u hear ur name come up

    8. When you can hear EVERYTHING:

    I think one of my roommates is having sex while watching Drake and Josh

    9. When you have to put your ~thinking cap~ to make sure your suspicions of your food being stolen is true:

    When you on your last piece of bread (minus the end pieces) and u realize 1 of ur roommates had to have taken a pie…

    10. When everyone decides to pitch in on furniture:

    when u n ur roommates agree on a lamp for the living room

    11. When you get the worst case of FOMO:

    when ur roommates make plans to go out without you tonight

    12. When you're able to spectate while your roommates set your phone on fire:

    When ur roommates are arguing in the group chat and u just sittin back laughin

    13. When you realize your roommate has a way higher threshold for cleaning up mess than you do:

    When ur roommates don't understand the concept of taking OUT the recycling

    14. And when you realize your roommate has a way higher threshold for fixing broken appliances as well:

    my roommate just broke our microwave so instead of using the stove or the oven he's just not eating 😐


    15. When you find a creative way to tell them about their shit:

    When ur petty af & decide to start labeling the dirty dishes like an art exhibit that your roommates always leave a…

    16. When you go the extra mile to label your belongings:

    When you really don't want your roommates to drink your milk

    17. When you and your roommates late-night habits sync up in perfect drunk harmony:

    When you and your roommates get back from a night out drinking

    18. When you're shit outta luck and need a ride from one your roommates:

    when you're trying to get a hold of your roommates because you need a ride home and they all stop answering your te…

    This is usually when you're really drunk.

    19. Finally, when you're home alone and get to be free and more importantly BUTT-ASS NAKED:

    Don't you love it when your roommates aren't home and you can just walk around butt ass naked

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