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17 Photos That Prove Dogs Are Pretty Much High All The Time

High on life actually.

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1. When you make a pretty unlikely friend because you're high as shit.

Shitheadsteve / Via Twitter: @CutPics

2. When you hit the blunt for the first time.

@aliceowo / Via

3. When you thought you rolled up sativa, but it was actually indica.

@leahkucenskiii / Via

4. When you take a walk after smoking and decide to become one with nature.

@hudsontheminidachshund / Via

5. When one of your best friends is telling you a pretty simple story.


6. When you didn't realize your front facing camera was on.

@mallow_the_malchi / Via

7. When you turn on the Food Network and just marvel at all the food.

@kelstepie / Via


8. When you have the munchies and forgot you've been holding a box of cereal the whole time.

@theredshepherds / Via

9. Or when you're high at a grocery store deciding which snack to get...


10. ...and when you finally find the prefect snack to get.

@dank_weed_dog / Via

11. When you're pushing the cart around the grocery store wondering if anyone knows your high.

@felipethebostonterrier / Via

12. When you had an edible and don't want to be high anymore.

@mathea_thea / Via

13. When you take a bunch of selfies before going to sleep.

@kelstrotts / Via

14. Or when your friend who isn't as high as you decides to take a selfie with you.

@kayladakiri / Via

15. When you're at a family gathering and your ~cool~ aunt can smell dank on you.

@dank_weed_dog / Via

16. When you thought you could handle the weed everyone was smoking at a party.

@lpenn262 / Via

17. Finally, when the last hit puts you right out.

@ford2carver / Via

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