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15 Reasons Why "Gullah Gullah Island" Is The Only Kids Show That Matters

Two words — Binyah Binyah.

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2. Binyah Binyah polliwog, the only frog that could encourage you to dance and go out and play.


You could always count on Binyah to liven things up, he is the living embodiment of Gullah Gullah Island. Not to mention his amazing voice that took you forever to impersonate.


5. Chansome the pelican, the bird that always offered a helping hand reminding you to be responsible.


Chansome was the quirky, fish loving pelican. He was the friend that meant the best and tried to keep Binyah Binyah on his feet — even when he himself was off the ground.


9. The show blessed the world with the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” song.


While most shows would have their characters eating burgers, pizza, and junk food, Gullah Gullah Island took a more health and wealth conscious approach to lunchtime.

12. And the kick-ass cousin Vanessa.


Vanessa wasn't afraid to speak her mind and break gender stereotypes by schooling her cousin James in any competition. You might also remember her from Kenan and Kel, and My Brother and Me.

14. The show celebrated diversity and embraced all cultures.


It taught you to be proud of your own culture and ethnicity and still appreciate others on Gullah Gullah Island.


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