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    13 Inappropriate Jokes In Cartoons You Didn't Understand Growing Up

    You'll never look at your childhood the same way.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what adult jokes in cartoons went over their head as a kid. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. The "Getting Lucky" song in Chipmunk Adventure.

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    "The Chipettes have a song which literally says, 'Getting lucky, is really what it's all about. It's something I can't do without.' I assumed it meant scoring a I know it's about scoring something else." β€”0621

    2. This miscommunication in SpongeBob SquarePants.


    "There's an episode of SpongeBob where Plankton is trying to get him to be more assertive and a fish sits on him. Spongebob then sticks his finger in the fish's pocket and Plankton says something along the lines of, 'No, no, no, assertive, NOT insertive!'" β€”sams44040a454

    3. And Mr. and Mrs. Turner's concern for Timmy's paper towel-filled retreats to his room.


    "Ahhh!" β€”bells98

    4. The "Spank The Monkey" game in Rocko's Modern Life.


    "Rocko and his friends playing the 'Spank the Monkey' board game." β€”mmp6152001

    5. Cat's "hoe" joke in The Cat in the Hat.

    Universal Pictures

    "I never knew what they meant until I was recently watching it on Cartoon Network and they took that part out." β€”liva46613d85a

    6. The changing of the lyrics to Cab Calloway's "The Hi De Ho Man" song.

    Warner Bros.

    "I remember one episode where they sang 'heidi heidi heidi ho' but changed it to 'heidi heidi Heidi Fleiss.' Heidi Fleiss was a madam at the center of a big controversy, since records of her services became public knowledge. Awkward that I went around singing it as a kid before my parents stopped me." β€”Jena McLaurin

    7. Bubble's conversation with her new friend on Powerpuff Girls.

    Cartoon Network

    8. Phil and Lil's concern for Chuckie and his "boppo" on Rugrats.



    9. Mr. Turner scolding Timmy for looking at what appeared to be porn on The Fairly OddParents.


    "...In the episode 'Information Stupor Highway' I NEVER understood the joke about 'THOSE kinds of websites' until I went back and watched it as an adult. Now I know why my parents thought it was so funny!" β€”secretlymsmarvel

    10. Any and everything involving Dr. Lipschitz's name on Rugrats.


    "The entire character of Dr. Lipschitz just went right over my head." β€”broadwaybby

    11. Banana Joe on The Amazing World of Gumball watching fruits being gaped porn.

    Cartoon Network

    β€”Angel Knoedl

    12. The character Dick Hardly on Powerpuff Girls.

    Cartoon Network

    "In the Powerpuff Girls episode 'Knock It Off' the bad guy is Professor Utonium's old roomate, Dick Hardly. Half the episode consists of the girls subtly calling him a dick." β€”Sterre Klaver

    13. Finn's struggle with the key in the Jelly Cube on Adventure Time.

    Cartoon Network

    "I was a bit older when I saw this, but it still went over my teenage head. On Adventure Time, there is a bit in an episode where he has to get a key from some jello or gelatin...I watched it again recently and I was shook!" β€”brnnsosa

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