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    13 Images Of Animals Shedding Their Skin That Will Forever Be Engrained In Your Memory Now

    So cool, yet so gross?

    Warning: These images may gross you out.

    1. This lobster makes molting look like it's the most refreshing thing ever.

    Penang Channel / Via

    2. While this cockroach makes you probably regret looking at this.

    PearlsBeforePigs / Via

    3. But look at this pretty winged Cicada breaking out of its shell.

    TicoWalrus / Via

    Still gross though.

    4. But since you're here you might as well freak out as this spider crab frantically crawls out of its old home.

    TicoWalrus / Via

    5. But this Arachnid kind of looks like a creepy jellyfish shedding its old skin.

    TicoWalrus / Via

    6. Thankfully this Scorpion makes it look refreshing again.


    7. While this centipede molting looks like some scary-ass scene from a sci-fi movie.

    A to Z Video Clips / Via

    8. We're all too familiar with snakes shedding their skin — so this should come as no surprise.

    A to Z Video Clips / Via

    9. This owl in the process of regrowing its feathers after molting is actually pretty cute in a weird way.

    barrachas / Via

    10. But the way this tarantula is pulsating is probably speeding up your heart rate.

    Tarantupedia™ / Via


    11. And this caterpillar crawling out of its former self is probably making your skin crawl.

    A to Z Video Clips / Via

    12. But this adorable duck's molting process made a mess in the kitchen.

    TheDuckMom / Via

    13. And finally, this Chinese pheasant molting looks a lot like a judge in a powdered wig.

    dogspice / Via

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