How Well Do You Remember The Words To Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre”?

Did you forget about Dre?

1. A lot of us spent time trying to perfectly recite Eminem’s double-timed chorus on Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre.” But how well do you ACTUALLY remember Dre’s comeback classic? Let’s find out.

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    1. sippin’ on O.E.
    2. still D-R-E
    3. still the same O.G.
    4. rap game O.G.
    1. crib, potpourri
    2. homies, groceries
    3. family, groceries
    4. homies, poetry
    1. hits, gifts
    2. tracks, gats
    3. tracks, plaques
    4. beats, treats
    1. smoke trees, OD’s
    2. smoke trees, oldies
    3. blow trees, OE’s
    4. blow trees, oldies
    1. mo’ G’s, blow me
    2. no z’s, blow me
    3. no rest, I’m blessed
    4. no sleep, blow me
    1. act
    2. talk
    3. front
    4. walk
    1. just a bunch of little shit
    2. just a bunch of gibberish
    3. just a load of gibberish
    4. just a bunch of bitterness
    1. caught a fly, an awkward eye
    2. saw a guy, an awkward eye
    3. caught a guy, an awkward eye
    4. saw me die, life after life
    1. a dumb ass truck
    2. a humongous truck
    3. a monstrous truck
    4. a dump truck
    1. did time and got out
    2. after it got burned down
    3. still got out the house
    4. still weren’t found out
    1. big ladies, like we’re in Haiti
    2. twin babies, like I am Hades
    3. twins babies, mid-80’s
    4. big ladies, mid-80’s

3. Enjoy!

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