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    Here’s What The Kids From “The Powerpuff Girls” Look Like Today

    The Powerpuff Women.

    Mojo Jojo

    After receiving a direct blow to his head from Buttercup, Mojo Jojo was ROCKED beyond full recovery. That sent him into early retirement, and now he wreaks havoc on the nurses at the Townsvillain Retirement Home.

    Professor Utonium

    Professor Utonium spends most of his time at home conducting experiments and testing out his countless inventions. The girls still visit him every day and he STILL tries to make them eat their broccoli.


    Buttercup still lives with both her sisters defending the town from various villains and monsters. She visits Mojo Jojo in the retirement home sometimes because she feels bad for sending him into early retirement.


    Bubbles decided that she didn't want to beat up bad guys anymore after seeing what happened to Mojo Jojo. She now owns an animal shelter, where she and Professor Utonium help put the animals up for adoption.


    Blossom is now the mayor of Townsville, where she and Buttercup still fight crime when she's not behind the desk trying make the city a better place. She and her sisters also lead a youth group for girls to help them develop their special powers.