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    Here's 21 Reasons To Prevent You From Getting A Pit Bull

    They're called a bully breed for a reason.

    1. They're all super scary looking:

    2. They play way too rough for other dogs:

    3. They're good-for-nothing party ~animals~:

    4. They don't understand the concept of play-dates:

    5. They'll rudely wake you up from your sleep:

    At Stockton family is crediting their eight-month-old pitbull Sasha with saving them by waking them up and grabbing the baby by the diaper when their house caught on fire

    6. They're impossible to deal with during bath time:

    7. They're very territorial with their food:

    My sister did the “Golden Retriever Egg Challenge” with her pit bull and... it’s true what they say about this aggressive breed huh?

    8. They're irresponsible and incredibly hard to train:

    9. They're thirsty as hell and have no shame about it:

    10. They never smile:

    11. And it's obvious that they're high on drugs if and when they do smile:

    12. They're awkward runners:

    13. They hate to be cuddled and/or held:

    14. They're horrible with other breeds:

    15. They strike terror in all other animals:

    16. They will stereotypically eat your homework:

    17. They're nosy and will eavesdrop on every conversation in earshot:

    18. They're clingy as hell:

    19. They're dangerous to leave around children:

    20. They'll never let you cosplay with them:

    21. And finally, they're terrible at playing dress-up: