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    Here Are 27 Of The Best Comedies That Everyone Should See

    "Hands down, Beauty Shop! That movie never fails to get me in a good mood."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which black comedies were their favorite. Here are their recommendations.

    1. Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

    Lionsgate Films

    Submitted by marleer.

    2. Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by Mariana Gazinhato, Facebook.

    3. Crooklyn (1994)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by latoyamarks.

    4. Blue Streak (1999)

    Columbia Pictures

    Submitted by khana86.

    5. The Wood (1999)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by aubriem2.

    6. Black Dynamite (2009)


    Submitted by Ako Dojo, Facebook.

    7. Blankman (1994)

    Columbia Pictures

    Submitted by anirby.

    8. CB4 (1993)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by Ayndrea Campbell, Facebook.

    9. Do The Right Thing (1989)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by alicek4a64c4de0.

    10. Hollywood Shuffle (1987)

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    Submitted by craigc4dc35c012.

    11. Beauty Shop (2005)


    Submitted by Wassupbroski23.

    12. Life (1999)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by vickif4f25fefeb.

    13. Death At A Funeral (2010)

    Screen Gems

    Submitted by Stephanie Dudak, Facebook.

    14. Boomerang (1992)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by Chad Jordan, Facebook.

    15. The Last Dragon (1985)

    TriStar Pictures

    Submitted by imallurs910.

    16. Bebe's Kids (1992)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by angels4d4906ef4.

    17. House Party (1990)

    New Line Cinema

    Submitted by brianahc.

    18. How High (2001)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by Kirsten Voets, Facebook.

    19. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988)


    Submitted by hlx8.

    20. Pootie Tang (2001)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by anjeavbw.

    21. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

    Miramax Films

    Submitted by Liz Vidal, Facebook.

    22. Harlem Nights (1989)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by smoregon.

    23. Undercover Brother (2002)

    Universal Pictures

    Submitted by ericah4a7817c83.

    24. White Chicks (2004)

    Columbia Pictures

    Submitted by Victoria Chew, Facebook.

    25. Cool Runnings (1993)


    Submitted by lindsayv4345a0e55.

    26. Coming To America (1988)

    Paramount Pictures

    Submitted by Tina Johnson Smithee, Facebook.

    27. Friday (1995)

    New Line Cinema

    Submitted by brookevanceb.

    Did we miss your favorite black comedy? Tell us in the comments below! If you want to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts, don’t forget to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook!

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