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    24 Things You'll Relate Too On A Deep Level If You’ve Ever Worked In Retail

    Because customers, mostly.

    1. There will be days when you're outnumbered and shit out of luck.

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    2. There will be moments when customers will make you want to head-butt the register in frustration.

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    3. There will also be times when your coworkers will probably want to head-butt you.

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    Not my shift, not my problem, yet.

    4. But, everyone turns the phoniness up a notch once customers arrive.

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    Particularly your manager.

    5. It is ESPECIALLY gratifying when your manager has your back...

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    6. ...because lordt knows they're not always on your side.

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    7. How about when a customer fucks up all the folding you've done?

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    Ughh, it's a daily struggle seeing that happen.

    8. You also have to deal with some really annoying questions almost daily...

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    9. ...and some pretty annoying answers as well.

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    10. On the bright side you've learned how to multitask.

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    11. You've learned how to smile better than anyone EVER.

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    12. And you've learned the customer is always right.

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    13. Even when they're obviously fucking not.

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    14. But, you gotta cherish those small victories.

    When 1st shift workers see 2nd shift workers 😂

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    15. Because after a couple years of dealing with so many shitty people, you no longer give AF.

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    17. It would be a whole lot easier if people practiced the golden rule though.

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    18. Because those customers make a world of a difference.

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    19. And, at least you have a group of people that work as hard as you do with shared experiences.

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    20. You would like to play it cool because you never know what a shopper is going through in their life.

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    21. But, like at the same time good riddance you know?

    extremely rude customer after yelling at me over something tiny: I'll take my business elsewhere me (inside): Ok…

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    22. But, then it's finally time to go home and all is well in the world.

    The face you make when you realise your shifts finally over 🙌

    @RetailJobLife / Via Twitter: @RetailJobLife

    23. And since you’re off you might as well shop around a bit — I mean you do get an employee discount. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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