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24 Things You'll Relate Too On A Deep Level If You’ve Ever Worked In Retail

Because customers, mostly.

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4. But, everyone turns the phoniness up a notch once customers arrive.

Particularly your manager.


10. On the bright side you've learned how to multitask.


13. Even when they're obviously fucking not.

14. But, you gotta cherish those small victories.

When 1st shift workers see 2nd shift workers 😂


19. And, at least you have a group of people that work as hard as you do with shared experiences.


21. But, like at the same time good riddance you know?

extremely rude customer after yelling at me over something tiny: I'll take my business elsewhere me (inside): Ok…


22. But, then it's finally time to go home and all is well in the world.

The face you make when you realise your shifts finally over 🙌