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19 Funny Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Being An Art Student

"Kanye is like your average art student... stuck in debt"

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1. When you realize how handy your acquired skills can come into play:

2. When you realize celebrities struggles mirror your own:

3. When the things you learn improve your overall quality of life:

4. When this is a pretty regular occurrence:

5. When you realize you relate to Kanye more than you ever thought you would:

6. When you learn time management in art school means no sleep:

7. When you graduate and you're ready to use that competitive nature for the greater good:

8. When art school tries to test out your analytical skills:

9. When you realize life after school might be unrewarding for a bit:

10. When the competition from your peers is worse outside of class:

11. When the risk outweighs the benefit:

12. When you realize there are very little restrictions in art:

13. When you realize color theory is the bane of your existence:

14. When your family realize art school might be stunting your growth in other areas:

15. When your professors make you dig deeper for why you made a decision in a piece:

16. When you learn how to bullshit a piece with a really well written artist statement:

17. When you had no idea where the nude models might've sat:

18. When attending art school is enough to bring it up constantly:

19. When you're really proud to tell people what school you're attending:

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