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    17 Things Black People Deal With On A Daily Basis

    "Why are you so angry?"

    1. When someone crosses the street to avoid being near you for no apparent reason.

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    2. When you see someone lock their car doors at the mere sight of you.

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    3. When someone calls the cops on you for staying in a "nice" neighborhood.

    Yo! The Air B&B we're staying at is so nice, the neighbors thought we were robbing the place & called the cops! 😂

    4. When you see a police car while driving — and the worst case scenario always ends up crossing your mind.

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    5. When people ask why you're so angry when you stand up for yourself and speak your mind.

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    What if I told you that I can speak out against ignorance and still keep my cool?

    6. When you do something different with your hair and you get all the looks — and ~all~ the questions.

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    7. When the last seat on the bus is next to you, but no one takes it.

    Studio Ghibli / Via

    I know I don't smell?...

    8. When you see a woman clutch her purse a little tighter when you're in an enclosed space.

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    9. When you get followed in any corner, department, or grocery store to the point where you don’t want to shop anymore.

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    But then you'd end up boycotting every store.

    10. When someone says that they're colorblind when you bring up race.

    11. When someone mistakes you for the only other black person they know, without hesitation.

    Tribune Broadcasting / Via

    12. When you see that other black person you're constantly mistaken for and you gotta hit 'em with the head nod.


    13. Or when it feels like people constantly compare you to the only other black person in the room.

    Comedy Central / Via

    As if you're competing with them...

    14. When you really want to pull your fellow minority to the side to tell them that you're really on the same team.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    15. When police brutality is broadcast on the news and you can’t help but think about how it could've been you or someone you love.

    Brandon Brooks / Via

    16. When someone compliments you on how well-behaved you are and how educated you sound.

    17. And the relief you feel when you're finally able to be around your like-minded friends and can forget about all the bullshit you deal with every day.

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