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17 Struggles All Suburban Black Kids Know Too Well

"OMG, can I touch your hair??"

1. Meeting that one friend's parent that you didn't know was racist.

2. Being the prime suspect of whatever was stolen at a house party.

3. Your parents encouraging you to make friends with the only other black kids in the neighborhood even though you have your own friends.

4. Not understanding all black culture references because you didn't have as many black friends to experience them with.

5. People coming back from spring break and comparing their tan to your skin.

6. Searching far and wide for a salon that can do your hair.

7. And people freely touching and grabbing your hair.

8. Being called an Oreo, because... you're not reeaally black.

9. People assuming you're good at any and all sports.

10. Everyone looking to you to explain and demonstrate new dance crazes.

11. People dialing their slang up a couple notches when talking to you.

12. Swimming in a neighbor's pool and having everyone marvel at how your hair reacts to water.

13. People assuming that you have a huge crush on the only other black person in school.

14. That moment when you learn about slavery in class and you can feel everyone staring at you.

15. Being way more cautious than your friends about typical suburban mischief.

16. People saying "You sound white," because you speak proper English.

17. Feeling constant pressure to represent your entire race, rather than just yourself.