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    17 Photos Of Bats That Prove They’re Adorable AF

    Unless it's like Dracula in bat form.

    1. These lil' guys in a row.

    2. These two babies exchanging kisses.

    3. This bat that's just chill AF.

    4. These newborns that aren't even the size of fingers yet!

    5. This slightly larger one licking the hand that probably feeds it.

    6. This one that looks like it's walking on stilts.

    7. This bat clutching to this watermelon for dear life.

    8. This acrobat smiling upside down.

    9. This cutie getting up close and personal.

    10. This bat who is living its best life while getting a hell of a massage.

    11. This young one all bundled up in its blanket...

    12. ...and this one enjoying a banana in its blanket.

    13. This baby bat singing its heart out on a hand.

    14. This one casually enjoying a bottle of milk.

    15. This one chillin' and getting a little scrub with a toothbrush.

    16. This bat that's actually using a pacifier.

    17. Finally, this bat that's all too relatable.