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    17 Photos Of Bats That Prove They’re Adorable AF

    Unless it's like Dracula in bat form.

    1. These lil' guys in a row.

    Tamahfox / Via

    2. These two babies exchanging kisses.

    Zakrys / Via


    3. This bat that's just chill AF.

    PeteyPoo4631 / Via

    4. These newborns that aren't even the size of fingers yet!

    idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere / Via

    5. This slightly larger one licking the hand that probably feeds it.

    leyendav / Via

    6. This one that looks like it's walking on stilts.

    idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere / Via

    Fly when you're ready little buddy.

    7. This bat clutching to this watermelon for dear life.

    KateLappan / Via

    8. This acrobat smiling upside down.

    idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere / Via

    9. This cutie getting up close and personal.

    dittidot / Via

    10. This bat who is living its best life while getting a hell of a massage.

    UltimateQueefMachine / Via

    11. This young one all bundled up in its blanket...

    Imgur / Via

    12. ...and this one enjoying a banana in its blanket.

    umuranga / Via

    13. This baby bat singing its heart out on a hand.

    mrdorkesq / Via

    No big deal.

    14. This one casually enjoying a bottle of milk.

    Babboos / Via

    15. This one chillin' and getting a little scrub with a toothbrush.

    bobored / Via

    16. This bat that's actually using a pacifier.

    donuht / Via

    17. Finally, this bat that's all too relatable.

    Lisbear / Via

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